I’m ruthless about whose newsletters I stay subscribed to. I feel a certain level of glee when I hit the unsubscribe button on anything in my inbox, knowing that I will never again need to spend precious time or focus on deciding what to do with the information in front of me from that particular sender.

With that said, there are two blogs that I have never unsubscribed from. I credit both of these blogs with having fundamentally altered my thinking multiple times. And why is that a good thing? Well, when you stop changing your mind – you stop learning. So, anything that can challenge my thinking, I welcome. 

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Many a day has been spent trawling through the epic long posts that Tim writes, some of them have been known to hit the 80,000 words mark. His posts have changed my life more than once.

Tim has this remarkable ability to take an incredibly important and complex topic that we don’t think about enough, and then explore the breadth of that topic in a very entertaining way and finally to summarise it in a fashion that makes it’s lessons applicable to your everyday life.

His post where can i purchase celebrex is considered one of the best summaries of the field available, and understandable by a mainstream audience. After I read that post, I couldn’t do anything but stare at a wall for a few hours, trying to comprehend the enormous implications of what I had just read.

His most recent post that changed the way I view the world is the fourth on a series he did around Elon Musk. It’s unassuming title is mail order celebrexorder celebrex online – it’s wonderful.

You could probably spend a solid week just getting through his archive of epic posts, and it would be a week well spent.

Blog Number 2: order celebrex over the counter by Shane Parrish

With over 70,000 subscribers to his newsletter (which some call the best on the internet) Shane is still remarkably unknown. Every Sunday he publishes a beautifully simple newsletter with links to a few articles that he’s written that week as well as his thoughts on the books he’s been reading.

Shane reads, a lot. But rather than read something and then never use the information, Shane makes the effort to distill the lessons from the books into short blog posts. He try’s to “master the best of what other people have already figured out”. If you are ever seeking book recommendations then you can’t do better than Shane’s lists.

Whilst I envy Shane’s discipline to churn through new books and synthesise them into useful anecdotes, I am very grateful to him for sharing his learned wisdom. Shane also put me onto my favourite mind bending book of all time, order celebrex from canada. It’s an incredible book that distills Charlie Munger learned life lessons through a series of speech transcripts. If my house was burning down, this is the only possession I would try to save.

That’s it! There have been many other incredible blogs and blog posts along the way but these are the only two that have kept me enthralled and challenged over the years.