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Will a Netflix for Airbnb style model ever disrupt Airbnb? Perhaps. The industry seems to be fairly attached to a pricing model that goes up and down based on demand – not very friendly to subscription based pricing.

Even more so the difference from country to country  in land prices makes it hard to establish a flat pricing model. I do wonder though if it could have an Uber’esque flat fee structure that can then invoke higher fees if there is a surge in demand.

I do suppose this is even harder when you factor in that most ‘all you can consume for one flat price’ business models are generally better catered to content businesses like Spotify rather a true offline resource – places to sleep.

The problem being solved here is pure millennial laziness. Organising a long trip overseas is still somewhat laborious although 10x easier than 10 years ago. The ability to just go from place to place on a whim without having to really do anything except move your backup is attractive.

Humans were once nomadic by necessity, moving with seasons and wildlife for survival. Now a new generation is nomadic by choice, able to work from anywhere and shift home on a whim.

There’s a few startups in the co-living space popping up that seem to cater the travelling professional nomad. purchase celebrex and where can i purchase celebrex are two but I’d say mail order celebrex holds the most promise thus far. These are different from Airbnb in that they offer a community of like-minded people upon arrival.

So if someone could recreate Airbnb but have a simple Netflix style subscription option with a monthly fee instead of supply based pricing that’d be great. Cheers.

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There is a marshmellow underneath a glass cup on my bedside table. It’s there to remind me of the long term dangers of giving in to instant gratification.

I’ve had it there for about 6 months ever since I read a book called ‘buy celebrex online uk’ by Daniel Goleman. It’s an incredibly well researched book that explores the impact of emotional intelligence in our everyday lives. You learn very quickly that the traditional measure of intelligence; IQ, is by no means a predictor of success, happiness or health in life. 

I learnt a great many things from that book, but there was one particular study the author referenced that made me want to resist the temptation of a marshmallow on my table everyday. 

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I made a buy celebrex australia that Soylent will hit a billion dollar valuation within 10 years – I’m now revising that to 3 years. That’s because buy celebrex usa is one of the only scalable and sustainable solutions to the enormous strain we are putting on the food & energy chain that feeds the growing human population.

“Ok. Hold up Nathan, WTF is Soylent?”

Let me start from the beginning.

On February 13th of 2013, a young man named Rob Rhineheart posted an audacious blog post titled buy celebrex. Since then this post has garnered 812+ comments and can probably credited as the blog post that birthed the company (that is now buy celebrex in mexico worth north of $100M).

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Consumption vs Creation

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Let’s make a reasonable guess that you (yes, I’m talking to you) consume a lot of content on the Internet. Content like blog posts, tweets, articles, photos, gifs and videos. 

You know what’s weird when you think about it? Far less than 5% of people who consume content on the web also add to it. That’s like putting twenty people in a room and then all twenty of them consuming the thoughts of just one of them. 

There’s a consistent phenomenon across many web communities in terms of the ratio of users who create and consume content. The general rule of thumb seems to be: 90% of users consume, 9% create a little and 1% create a lot.

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