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This modern world of ours offers opportunities to live like few before us have had the chance to do so. Since capitalism and industrialisation have transformed our world the norm for travelling has become a mere week or two per year for those who can afford it and the time. The other extreme is to go off on the extended backpacking adventures.

However another option is becoming more of a reality. The idea of being a ‘digital nomad’, someone who can work from anywhere in the world. I think this is a concept that should be embraced by millennials because it results in bringing the world closer together rather than maintaining a nationalist focus.

This is something I have been working towards since I heard about the idea when I was 19 years old. It’s not an easy path to get there because it requires certain skills and systems to be put in place before you head out. Primarily you need either a skill or a business that will sustain you whilst you move from place to place.

I recently got around to finally reading purchase celebrex which does a fantastic job of introducing the idea of extended travelling to the reader. I highly recommend it to anyone who has often wandered what it would be like to travel for more than a few months. But for me the book lacked something, this idea of being able to work on your project in tandem with your travelling.

I call it travelling with purpose.

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Last year I completed an Ironman. These are some Ironman reflections I have after crossing the finish line.


Do the race your way

‘They say’ a lot of things: “You need to train 6 days per week. It’s impossible to do the race without training on a real bicycle. You have to do a half Ironman before you do a full Ironman. Don’t drink alcohol in the lead up.”

It’s all bullshit if your only goal is to cross that finish line within the race cut off time and get that piece of metal. I trained once per week for 3 months prior to the race. I did my cycle training on a stationery bike in the gym (thanks Holly for that $$$ saving tip). The first triathlon I ever did was the actual Ironman. I drank all the way up to the day before the race.

Admittedly I’m smug about a lot of this. I also acknowledge that I’m a 25 year old male with the ideal body for endurance events (read: tall and skinny). However, the main point here is that there is no such thing as gospel for what it takes to do an Ironman. I’m a strong believer that anyone can do it. At the end of the day it will come down to willpower more than anything else.


Be prepared for the post finish line

One thing that really shocked me was how my body shut down after I crossed the finish line. My core body temperature plummeted and I was shaking uncontrollably. Emotionally I felt destroyed and wanted to ball my eyes out. It was a weird reaction considering the elation I had felt as I ran that final hundred metres before the finish line.

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Ikigai has changed my life. It’s a Japanese concept that helps you identify your life purpose.

Before ikigai I couldn’t focus on one thing. I constantly switched between projects, never truly satisfied for a long period of time. The last few months however have been an awakening as I’ve learnt to make sure that every thing I say yes to and work on is relevant to my ikigai.

Give it a go, it might change your life.

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