Do you have a bad habit that you’d like to break? If you do, rejoice! It turns out there might be an easy way to rid yourself of it.

I’ve been overly conscious of my bad habits more and more as I’ve gotten older. So much so that I would sometimes feel overwhelmed and frustrated with how it seemed my habits controlled me rather than the other way around. 

More times than I can count did I try and fail to stop my various bad habits through sheer willpower alone. Each time I would crack with in a matter of days. Incredibly frustrating. 

The solution it turns out has been incredibly simple – pain. In short, I’ve quickly learnt to associate various cravings and subconscious habits with pain delivered through the snap of an elastic band. 

I’ve used this method to curb both smoking and nail biting. 

However, rather than just snap the band and get on with it I’ve added in two other steps that have helped decrease the occurrence of the craving. 

Once I’ve felt the craving or caught myself engaging in the habit – I’ll snap the band against my wrist. Afterwards I’ll take three conscious deep breaths, and then smile. 

The breathing brings your mind into the present moment and The smile acts as a kind of reward for once again associating the bad habit with pain. It also gives you the chance to identify the reason why you felt the urge to indulge in the first place. 

Besides pain, there’s also mindfulness being used here to help you spend more time in the present. After all if you’re a nail biter like me then you’d know that it happens most when you’re mind is wandering or stressed out. Using the elastic band and breathing technique helps focus your mind almost immediately. 

Now. If you’ve tried this already and it didn’t work – don’t worry! 

There is an inventor out there named Maneesh Sethi who has launched a product called purchase celebrex. It’s a wristband that you can use to self-administer a powerful shock whenever you feel a craving. 

The case studies I’ve read show people breaking bad habits within 5 days. I’ve ordered one and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival to give it a go. I’ll post a blog about my experience using it and see if I can use it to finally kick some bad habits for good!

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