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When Humanity Becomes God

This is without doubt the most audacious thing I’ve ever written. But I feel it’s an idea that needs to be explored, because I’ve yet to hear it being voiced anywhere else. There is a very high likelihood that some of the following ideas may cause you offence if they contradict some of your personal beliefs. If that’s the case, I apologise, offence is not intended. Keep an open mind and read to the end. Then I invite you to add your thoughts in the comments below.

The underlying theory that I want to propose is that during this century – humanity may very likely cease to exist in its biological physical human form. There is a strong likelihood that our species will stop reproducing and instead advance to a new plane of existence. What form would we instead take? My theory is that we would instead exist as a collective consciousness that is part of the artificial intelligence that will undoubtedly be the most intelligent and capable entity ever created on our planet.

Right about now you probably think I’m crazy. And I don’t blame you. I know this sounds crazy. But hear me out.

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5 Predictions For The Coming 5 Decades

This is the inaugural post for the leverage hacker blog.  Welcome!

To start off the fun I thought it’d be cool to state where I think the world is currently headed. Some of these are already widely held beliefs – others not so much. So, without further ado – here’s what I’m predicting for the next five decades.

1. Capitalism will be reinvented.

Greater transparency is leading towards unprecedented awareness of our impact on the planet and it’s people. The traditional profit focused model of generating wealth is slowly being realised as unsustainable for the planet and it’s people. This is an age of experimentation and discovery as we seek to design the new systems for which humanity can sustainably operate within. This is the century of the social entrepreneur.

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