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There are over 300 million domain names registered on the internet but less than 50% are actually in use. The majority sit on domain name registrars, held onto by people who see value in their eventual development.

If you’re someone who owns domain names you’re not using you might be interested in a new project that I’ve been working on recently with my friend Thomas.

It’s called purchase celebrex – the slogan; Let your unused domain names sell themselves.

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DomainHolder – Free Domain Name Parking Tool

Simply put, DomainHolder allows you to publish a simple ‘for sale’ page on any domain you own by adding just 2 records in your registrar. It takes less than 15 seconds to set up and is 100% free for up to 100 domain names.

Each domain you park automatically cross-promotes your other domains. Pro users can also add a buy now button that is integrated with

We also have a mail order celebrex where your listed domain names get promoted to help them sell faster.

There is a blog post we recently published which reviews all the order celebrex online out there.

So far over 400 domains have been listed with DomainHolder and this number is growing daily. order celebrex over the counter



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This year I was proud to represent Australia as a delegate to the buy celebrex 200mg online 2016 summit in China. Alongside a crew of great Australian representatives from different parts of our entrepreneurial ecosystem I embarked on a journey to the country that is steadily rising to political and economical leadership in the 21st century.

It was my first time going to such a summit and representing my country, to say I was excited is an understatement. I was also going in with a strong sense of determination to learn as much as possible about how other G20 countries are developing their ecosystems and to build a global network of entrepreneurs and ecosystems drivers.

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In mid-2015, I was successful in applying to an accelerator program in Melbourne, Australia. I’d found out about the program and I didn’t know if my chances were that good, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway because I had a new business idea that needed some funding.

By context and by background, I am a serial entrepreneur so I love starting new businesses all the time.

An accelerator program, if you haven’t heard of it already, is an organization move that invests some money typically into a group of people — all with different business ideas. Giving each of them a portion of money and taking a slice of equity in the newly formed businesses. They then guide them through a few months of a program where they are held accountable and helped to turn their ideas into profitable and scalable businesses.

The most famous accelerator in the world, of course, is Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley based program. Out of Y Combinator have come amazing startups, such as Dropbox and Airbnb. Being a non-technical Australian, getting into Y Combinator is somewhat unlikely so instead I applied for Angelcube.  

AngelCube terms were quite favorable to me honest in the Australian start-up ecosystem context because they gave you $40,000 and took 8 percent of your business. Giving you a half-million dollar valuation right off the starting line.

So. How did I get in?

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Founders have this weird tendency to aspire and believe they can reach the top 1% of any given field when in reality they never will. I’m talking specifically about startups in this case. The media has helped glorify billion dollar startups (known as ‘Unicorns’) and their founders that have come out of Silicon Valley over the last 10 years.

This has shaped the conversation and ambitions on the ground floor. I’ve spent time with a lot of young first-time entrepreneurs over the last few years. There is a common theme among some of them – they aspire to start billion dollar businesses. 

This doesn’t make sense and is an inefficient use of a generations combined capabilities. Unicorns are not the norm – they are outliers.

You might be thinking – “aren’t we supposed to encourage our future entrepreneurial leaders to reach for the stars?” And I’d agree that we should, but only to an extent. 

The main issue I see with encouraging the goal of joining the ‘3 comma club’ is that it breeds a dangerous environment of unrealistic goals, wasted resources and sets up the individual for a negative toll on their mental health.

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This is the draft transcript for a TEDx talk I delivered recently for the Sydney campus of NYU. When the video of the talk is uploaded I will edit this post to include a link to the video. 

There’s something about entrepreneurship that makes my soul tingle. Every new venture created is like a voyage into uncharted territory. To me, capitalism actually feels like an art form. Your imagination is your brush, your business model is your paint and the world’s economy is your canvas.

I fell in love with business at the naive age of 15 years old, selling things on eBay. Each morning before school I’d make sure all my items were perfectly listed and each afternoon when I got home I’d pack up my orders ready to drop off at the local post office the next morning. It’s hard to convey the importance of the skills that I learnt doing this. The value of good customer service, learning how to recognise market opportunities and knowing when to double down or when to stop. I wish I could say I was smart with my revenue, but as a 15 year old I spent a lot of my money on the girl I liked at the time.

For all the glory that we place upon the successful entrepreneurs of past generations, the path of a young entrepreneur in the school system is still woefully under supported.

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podcasts for entrepreneurs

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A year ago, I had never listened to a podcast in my entire life. They seemed like this weird thing that old people might do (if you’re old and that offended you – sorry). And yet, podcasts have quickly become a massive new media phenomenon that was arguably catalysed by the success of the narrative podcast called buy celebrex generic online. If you’ve never gotten into podcasts and want to get hooked, that series will do the job.

Podcasts are such a pleasurable way to accompany your commute on public transportation, whilst exercising or doing the chores around the house. Like millions of other newly converted listeners, after finishing listening to Serial I felt like a man who had just been given the sweetest taste of a new drug. Where could I get more of this incredibly engaging content?!

Being a person who is somewhat obsessed with business and entrepreneurship I started to build up a library of all the entrepreneurship, business and startup related podcasts that I could get my hands (or ears?) onto. During this year I’ve consumed more media through podcasts than blogs and books. It’s a behaviour change that I suspect a lot of other people have gone through as well.

So. After listening to all these podcasts for hundreds of hours – which are the best ones that will make you a smarter entrepreneur? Without further ado, here’s the list;

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If you’re into billion dollar startups – this podcast is a fanboy’s dream come true. It features lectures from the cream of the Silicon Valley crop. Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Ben Horowitz, Sam Altman, Marc Andreessen, Brian Chesky and a swath of other household names take turns in teaching a class of fresh faced Stanford students the fundamentals of starting a startup.

Listening to these episodes is the best way to expose yourself to the thinking and best practises of some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. If you don’t operate your business out of Silicon Valley, then this podcast is the best free way to educate yourself in the ways of high growth.

The lectures cover everything from idea generation, acquisition, culture, personal development, raising capital and later stage advice. It’s very hard for me to pick a favourite from this series, they’re all fantastic.

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