go site Nathan specialises in designing, developing and delivering scalable entrepreneurship education initiatives.

http://atlantafingerprinting.com/improved-fingerprint-sensor-on-the-iphone-6/ An established serial entrepreneur with a record of launching, growing and selling businesses in the digital economy, he got started in business at the age of 16 and never looked back. He chose to learn through trial, error and self-education instead of formal education pathways.

here Nathan has been regularly featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, StartupSmart, DynamicBusiness, Under30CEO, StartupDaily, AustraliaUnlimited and on radio and TV for his different companies and entrepreneurial adventures. An experienced and confident speaker, he has twice delivered TEDx talks on the power of entrepreneurial thinking and his story from the streets to the boardroom. In 2014 Nathan Murphy was featured in the Future Chasers as a young Australian entrepreneur role model.

Nathan currently works full time as the Co-Founder of WorkStyle, an online tool that helps teams become more effective in less time. He also serves as President of G20 YEA Australia. He enjoys reading, travelling, triathlons and helping people who are starting their first business.