This is the inaugural post for the leverage hacker blog.  Welcome!

To start off the fun I thought it’d be cool to state where I think the world is currently headed. Some of these are already widely held beliefs – others not so much. So, without further ado – here’s what I’m predicting for the next five decades.

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Greater transparency is leading towards unprecedented awareness of our impact on the planet and it’s people. The traditional profit focused model of generating wealth is slowly being realised as unsustainable for the planet and it’s people. This is an age of experimentation and discovery as we seek to design the new systems for which humanity can sustainably operate within. This is the century of the social entrepreneur.

2. Artificial Intelligence will have more impact on humanity than any other development to date in our short history on this planet.

My craziest theory is that during this century we will either become immortal and extinct as a species. This will most likely occur shortly after the ‘singularity event’ occurs. Read purchase celebrex for a great explanation of this.

3. Entrepreneurship education will be implemented to help solve rising youth unemployment in all countries.

Rather than being perceived as a problem, young people need to be empowered and educated as the job creators and not just as the job seekers. As more and more jobs requiring unskilled labor that normally employ young people are automated (especially fast food & retail ones which so often are a young person’s first job) – we’ll need more ways of employing young people who finish their education with less and less options.

4. where can i purchase celebrex will become a billion dollar company in the next 10 years.

If you haven’t heard of Soylent already, you soon will. Made by Rosa Labs, it’s a powdered substance that fulfills your recommended daily intake of nutrition. Personally, I survived almost exclusively on a DIY Soylent mix for over a month last year. The experience was enough to make me realise that this will, at some point, become very commonplace. Furthermore, the company is currently developing a solid version of their formulation which I anticipate will only accelerate their growth.

5. Practising mindfulness using meditation will become mainstream.

Over the previous five decades exercise and nutrition have slowly become more and more adopted by the mainstream. Twenty years ago we didn’t have the same abundance of gyms, yoga studios, crossfit boxes, bootcamps & other fitness focused centres. Nor did we have the ever growing range of ‘health foods’ in our supermarkets. As the science backing up the health benefits of meditation become more well known – expect to see the practise of mindfulness slowly appear more and more in our schools and workplaces.

Got your own predictions? Add them in the comments below.